Lightweight Bottle Technology
TGI began acquiring German NNPB glass-blowing technology in 1983 in order to meet the needs of the market and enhance environmental protection. This technology produces attractive, light-weight bottles of uniform thickness. More recently, TGI has participated in technological cooperation with Germany's Heye-Glass Group, producing more than 200 million bottles per year. Light weight bottles are the product of the future in the glass container market. Besides helping customers cut production costs, light-weight bottles are environmentally friendly, as their production consumes less resources and energy.
Glass Blowing Specifications
TGIC produces clear. green, and brown glass bottles with the following specifications:
Type Body Diameter(mm) Height (mm) Weight (gr) Capacity(cc)
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
wide-mouth bottles 34 182 40 271 44 1700 30 5335
Narrow-mouth bottles 23 168 48 344 18 1520 10 4300
The Advantages of Glass Containers
TGI glass containers are non-porous, with exceptional transparency to allow your products to show their true colors. High tensile strength means these containers retain their shape, resist shattering, and are easy to seal, preserving flavor, color and aroma for the long term. In addition, glass containers can withstand gradual heating without losing their shape. With a wide variety of bottle shapes, you can always find a TGI container that will make your product look its very best. 
Environmental Protection and Waste Glass Recycling
From an environmental standpoint, glass containers are your ideal packaging choice, 100% recyclable. TGI has long been involved actively in enhancing the glass recycling system, and in 1996 established a waste glass recycling factory to raise the recycling rate throughout Taiwan. 
Large Paper Tray + Wooden Pallet + PE Cover Shrunk Cardboard Sheet + Plastic Pallet + PE Cover Shrunk Plastic Sheet + Plastic Pallet + PE Cover Shrunk
Small Paper Tray + Wooden Pallet + PE Cover  
Carton with Dividers  
Carton without Dividers  
PE Cover Shrunk Carton + Wooden Pallet + PE Cover Shrunk  
標準   1200mm x 1000mm x 140mm
美式   1219mm x 1016mm x 126mm
日式   1300mm x 1100mm x 140mm
澳式   1422mm x 1092mm x 120mm