Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass

Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass is produced by TG Fujian Photovoltaic Glass Co., Ltd, Which can be used as the cover glass of solar module and has the merits of low iron, high transmittance, small thickness difference, tempered easily, low self-cracking, efflorescence resistance, hailstones resistance and impact resistance.

Pattern           : Prismatic/Mat (P/M) & Mat/Mat (M/M)
Iron Content    : < 120 PPM
Transmittance  : > 91%
Thickness        : 3.2mm & 4mm
Size (Annealed) : Width:Max.2200 mm
Size (Tempered): Customized Sizes
Standard Size   :1574mm*802mm;1626mm*989mm;1657mm*997mm.




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