Ceramic spandrel glass is made by printing ceramic frit on float glass and by melting the colorant into glass surface in tempering furnaces and subsequently a spandrel glass product with qualities of non-fading and multi-color is manufactured.


.Various colors, stable and durable
 Spandrel glass offers architects and designers a wide range of color possibility, aesthetic value and variety. Ceramic frit colorant assures stable color.
 Spandrel glass can reduce air-conditioning cost by insulating solar heat.
.Light-weighted building material
 Spandrel glass serves as substitute for stone, tile, metal plate and reduces structural load on the external wall. Glazing is also easy.
.High wind pressure resistance
 Spandrel glass can be processed into laminated tempered glass or laminated heat-strengthened glass products.


.Architecture external wall
.Graphic glass for interior partition
.Auto glass
.Furniture and art glass


.Max. size:118” x 236”(3000mm x 6000mm)
.Min. size:12” x 12”(300mm x 300mm)

Standard Colors:


* The color may vary from actual products.

Examples of Applications:

Core Pacific City New York New York Mall  
Taipei Taipei  
10mm LM FGR-SILK 10mm Spandrel Glass