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Woven Roving
Woven Roving (also called roving cloth) is the cloth plainly woven from the Direct Roving. This construction gives bi-directional reinforcement to laminate. It is mainly applied to unsaturated polyester and Vinyl ester resins.

Fast Wet-Out
High content of fiberglass. Excellent tensile strength and impact resistant property.
Easy handling, cutting and processing.
Excellent bonding strength among laminates.
Higher dimensional property, regular distribution of fiberglass content.
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Products and Applications:
Product Product Characteristic Resin System Example of End-Product Application
WR-570 Fast wet out, excellent operating applicability and laminate mechanical properties U.P./V.E. Exterior of automobile and marine vehicles, Tanks, architectural structures
Significant Physical Properties:
Product Basic Weight
Construction (ends per inch) Width
(Nom. ± Variation)
經向 緯向
WR-570 570


6 6 ≦  300 ± 6.0
>  300 ± 9.5
WR-600 600 7 6
WR-800 800


5 4
Product 203mm width 1000mm width 1120mm width
Length (m) Weight (kg) Length (m) Weight (kg) Length (m) Weight (kg)
WR-570 --- --- 50 30 --- ---
WR-600 65 9.1 65 42 --- ---
WR-800 45 8.4 50 42 45 42
Packaging & Palletizing:
  Rolls/ Pallet *1

Carton dimension
L x W x H (mm)

203 Domestic 120*2 210 x 210 x 1270
1000 Export 16 230 x 230 x 1070
Domestic 24
1120 Export 16 / 20

225 x 225 x 1190

Domestic 24

Carton dimension

                 *1 Each WR is packaged in protective PE bag within a carton.
                *2 There are 5 rolls in one carton for 203mm width.
Storage Conditions:
Store Woven Roving in a cool, dry area.  
Suitable temperature : 21±11℃ , R.H. : 60±20%.
(Temperature should not exceed 35℃ & R.H. should be kept below 75% is also recommended).
It is recommended to bring material in the working place 24 hours at least prior to use. Do not stack higher than two pallets.

Examples of Applications :


Glass fiber is an inorganic fiber completely incombustible. Glass fiber has excellent electrical insulation properties, high tensile strength in relation to weight and dimensional stability, good weather and corrosion resistance. Glass fiber is an excellent reinforcement material, has low cost, high strength-to–weight ratio advantages comparing to aluminum or other metals.

Woven Roving suits Hand Lay-Up applications and can also be used with chopped strand mat or fiberglass cloth for large size, high strength products that need thicker laminates of more regular glass content. End products include boats, vehicles, pressure tanks, houses, skis, etc. 203 MM width product is used in filament winding process to produce ducts or pipes of large diameter. Application includes transportation, aerospace, marine, housing and construction, industrial/public facilities, sports/recreation, etc.