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TG Yueda Solar Mirror Co., Ltd (TYSM)is a joint venture of Taiwan Glass Group and Jiangsu Yueda Group,holding shares of 75% and 25% accordingly. The company was founded on January 8, 2011。The total investment of the joint venture is $ 90 million and the registered capital is $40 million。The plant covers an area of 400 mu(266,400㎡); the total construction area is 120,000 square meters. TG Yueda Solar Mirror Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in developing and producing new energy-saving solar mirror panels which are environmentally friendly. After completion of the whole project (4 production lines), the annual production capacity of solar mirrors is 15 million ㎡.Our products are mainly sold to domestic markets and foreign markets including Spain, Australia, the United States, India, etc. The annual sales revenue is expected to achieve 1.8 billion yuan.

At present our company has 2 solar mirror production lines:Flat solar mirror production line and bended tempered mirror production line. We can produce parabolic trough mirror、concentrating solar power(CSP)flat mirror and linear Fresnel mirror based on the customers’ requirements with a wide range of mirror specification.

Our company has improved advanced equipment from Bando(Japan)、Glasstech(USA)、Klopper(Germany)for cutting & grinding、tempering and mirroring. All the production process is an automatic integrated assembly line work with the characteristics of profession、precision and super-speed.

From raw materials(e.g. sand and soda ash)to raw sheet, TG self-develop and produce ourselves so that high-quality ultra clear glass could be used on our mirroring line.

TYSM is the first mass-produced CSP solar mirror manufacturer in China, owns the seventh parabolic trough mirror production line in the world, following USA Germany & Spain. It is the only one world-class line in Asia with all facilities imported from abroad.

Productivity of Phase I :Tower/Fresnel Mirror(Flat):5,400,000 ㎡/year
                                        Parabolic Trough Mirror(Bending & Tempering):2,000,000㎡/year

● The first solar mirror manufacturer certified by DLR and PSA in Asia
● The biggest silver mirror manufacturer in China
● The first commercial CSP mirror supplier in China
● The biggest & strongest conglomerate glass group in China


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