Sound Control Laminated Glass

In addition to the enhanced safety, security, protection from ultraviolet rays, control over transparency levels and shatter-prevention characteristics of normal laminated glass, Taiwan Glass’s newest development–Sound Control Laminated Glass –also provides excellent sound insulation properties.


  •  High-noise areas that require sound insulation
  •   Glass curtain walls for airports and large buildings
      Buildings near airports
      Buildings beside highways
      Buildings near rapid transit and train lines
      Buildings located near factories
  •  High-noise venues that require sound insulation
  •   Motels, hotels, restaurants
      Concert halls, libraries
      Indoor activity centers
      Broadcast booths
      KTV parlors
      Music classroom
      Roof windows
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    Max. size 96” x 236” (2438mm x 6000mm)
    Sound Control Film Each three-ply sheet of Sound Control Film has a middle layer of outstanding soundproofing special resin, with outside layers composed of high-quality PVB resin.
    Comparative Soundproofing Capabilities of
    Sound Control Laminated Glass

    Famous Buildings Using Acoustice Film
    Building Country City Purpose Glazing
    Heathrow Airport
    Terminal 2
    U.K. London Decrease air traffic noise Exterior wall glass windows
    Leuven Institute of
    Belgium Leuven Lower noise levels Exterior wall glass windows
    Yokohama City
    University hospital
    Japan Yokohama Lower noise levels Exterior wall glass windows
    Lions Mansion scrics Japan Saitama Lower noise levels Exterior wall glass windows
    Manarian Crown Hotel Taiwan Taipei Lower noise levels Exterior wall glass windows

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