Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat strengthened glass is made by evenly heating flat glass to approximately 620°C. The ceramic roller transmits glass at a stable speed to ensure an even temperature and optical performance. Heat strengthened glass has similar production process to that of tempered glass, except for a longer chilling duration.


The strength and resistance to temperature changes of heat strengthened glass is two times better than that of the annealed glass at same thickness.
Heat strengthened glass has the same features of annealed glass like hardness, elongation, polarization and resistance to etching.
Heat strengthened glass breaks into large pieces, as shown in Figure. 1. Influencing factors are impact strength, breaking point and glass temperature.


In comparison with tempered glass, heat strengthened glass is not easily broken spontaneously.
After manufactured, it is impossible to do any of cutting, drilling, grinding, frosting and etching.

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Architecture, automatic door, escalator, etc.

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Thickness 4~10mm
Max. size 96" x 284"(2438mm x 7213mm)

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MiTAC Headquarter


Taipei County Government Building


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