Ceramic Silkscreen Glass

Ceramic silkscreen glass is made by using ceramic frit to print graphics through a special screen onto float glass. Melt colorant into glass surface in tempering furnaces and subsequently a silkscreen glass product with qualities of non-fading and multi-pattern is manufactured.


Various color and graphic choices
  Silkscreen glass offers variety in color and graphic which could also be custom-made to meet designing needs as well as create particularity of space design.
  Partial printing of silkscreen glass reduces glare.
Subduing westerly or direct sunlight
  The sequentially partial printing of silkscreen glass subdues westerly of direct sunlight.
  Silkscreen glass is tempered to improve safety.
Durable, wear-proof, moisture-resistant
  Silkscreen glass has higher durability, wearproof, moist-resistance than ordinary color printed glass.
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Architecture external wall
Window glass for shops, houses and schools
Graphic glass for interior partition
Auto glass, electric glass
Furniture and art glass
Anti-slip indoor floor and staircase
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Thickness 4~12mm
Max. size 60" x 100" (1500mm x 2500mm)
Min. size 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Graphics Various patterns include spots, net patterns, linear and stone-veined to meet designing needs. Please specify requirement before order placement.
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Patterns for Reference

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Silkscreen glass cannot be recut after it is manufactured. Please confirm size and dimension when placing orders.
If special color or silkscreen is required, the production of silkscreen glass will take longer as the color and silkscreen must be reprepared.
When glazing for façade or window, printed side should be faced inward.

For anti-slipping silkscreening purpose, please provide design and spec. in advance to allow additional process.

The printing method is one-side printing.

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Fubon Chung-Shan Building

Quanta Display Inc.

TG-CL-16mm-BL Silkscreen
Inotera Headquarter


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